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Our Mission / History. A brief history of Aerotaxi NET® innovative booking platform and partnership timelines.

In 1995, PersonalFlight® Inc. began discussions with Aerotaxi Net about breaking the paradigms of traditional flight booking. The subsequent imaginative thinking, the actual internet-era possibilities, and the diligent application of the latest information communication technology culminated in our PerlFlight™ software – the crowning achievement of PersonalFlight’s decennial flight booking experience.

A unique implementation of the Aerotaxi Net suite, RealTimeFlightFinder™ builds on the capabilities of the world wide web obiquitous presence while introducing many new features and functions, including PersonalFlight's Enhanced Network System™.

PerlFlight™ is simply the most advanced personal flight booking suite in existence – in display technology, system architecture, processing power and its exclusive Interactive Reservation (IRES) management system. The system was designed with the future in mind. PerlFlight™ incorporates the finest technology today without losing sight of future advancements. The open architecture provides the capability to easily integrate formats and functions that are not yet envisioned.

To create PerlFlight™, we invited the input of experienced PersonalFlight crm people – both our customers and FAA analysts. In ourlab, we gathered their reactions to larg e - format displays and graphics interface hardware. Later, we sought customers feedback in our Integrated Test Facility, where we mounted a full-scale PerlFlight™ multiterminal network and other components.

We learned much in the process. We discovered that customers preferred less data on display screens for higher standard intelligibility. So we worked with Aerotaxi Net to eliminate screen clutter. We learned that customers found too many colors distracting. So, using proven color conventions, we minimized the total number of colors displayed. We also reduced the potential for confusion that customers attributed to a multitude of on-screen icons, streamlining displays with clear symbols, words and common abbreviations.

PerlFlight™ offers integrated Aeroatxi NET's FindYourPersonalFlight® searching tool – the first flight reservation system to provide this advantage.

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